At Mosaic, our passion is to connect people to one another in genuine, Biblical community. We have a mandate from God to establish His Kingdom through the unity of the Holy Spirit. Community Groups are the main way in which we build those connections.

In groups, we discuss real life and real life issues. In groups, we celebrate life’s successes, as well as overcome life’s challenges together. Group life is a safe and effectual setting in which we see Broken Lives Made Beautiful.


What is a Community Group?

Groups are made up of six to eight couples or twelve to fifteen individuals that meet in homes at least twice every month.

What happens at a Community Group?

Most groups have a relaxing social time, discuss real life issues from a Biblical perspective and pray for one another.

How to join a Community Group?

To join, you can either attend a C-Group Sunday event OR email our Community Group Pastor. C-Group Sunday is a 90 minute event where you connect with others and form a Community Group.

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